Marcus Aurelius Statue – The Three Stoics
Marcus Aurelius Statue
Marcus Aurelius Statue
Marcus Aurelius Statue
Marcus Aurelius Statue

Marcus Aurelius Statue

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We offer the largest and the heaviest statuette of Marcus Aurelius on Etsy. And the only one that comes in a decorative gift box.


Marcus Aurelius: Emperor of Rome, accomplished statesman, general, and philosopher.

Best known for his personal journal, which he called 'Meditations', Marcus Aurelius is a popular figure in history, being utilized in Ridley Scott's film 'Gladiator' as the wise and benevolent ruler of Rome and mentor to the film's protagonist. The portrayal of Marcus Aurelius in this fashion is no accident.

Known as one of the Five Good Emperors of Rome, he was even praised by Niccolo Machiavelli for having no need of praetorian cohorts, for he was defended by, to paraphrase, his own good life and the good-will of his subjects.

Because of his many accomplishments and the deep-reaching truth of his philosophical writings, he is often seen as the face, and mind, of modern Stoicism.

Whether to commemorate his life as a historical figure, or to remind you of any of his many quotes, verses, and passages that continue to inspire and encourage, this bust would make a statuesque addition to any end table, bookshelf, or office desk.

Each shipment comes in a beautiful and functional gift box.

The 'book box' will get your Marcus statue safely delivered and look great on your bookshelf as well.

The black foam insert can be fully and easily removed turning the box into a discrete storage container for your bookshelf or desk.


Product Details:

Made from poly-resin and hand-painted with an antique finish.


7.28 inches tall (Largest available on Etsy)
6.3 inches wide at the shoulders
4.4 inches deep

Weight: 3 lbs 13 ounces (Heaviest available on Etsy)

The only statuette that comes in a decorative gift box.