There is only progress – Page 2 – The Three Stoics

There is only progress


Consider how you came naked into this world, your body weak and incapable, your mind unlearned and ignorant of all knowledge. You were unable to care for your own needs, knowing nothing, and unable to take action having no control over your own body.

Consider now how much you have learned since birth. Your knowledge has increased exponentially. You know and comprehend things previously not even within the scope of your imagination. Knowledge of people places and things, facts, skills and perspectives are now yours.

Your body has learned to crawl, now walk, now to run, climb, jump, lift. Effortlessly you can now complete tasks at which you consistently failed. Your hands have learned fine skills. When you once colored in wild strokes all across the page making something indiscernible you can now form the detailed shapes of letters in a straight line.

Consider finally that this process can be repeated. You are yet a child in regards to your future potential. How much have you learned already? You can learn that much again. Consider how much strength and control you have gained over your body. Can you not still learn new skills? Things you have never done before? And learn mastery where there is now only stumbling attempts.

That spark of life, hidden within a seed, that urges it to push out of the soil and flower, is within you also. In infancy it was there, pushing you to learn and do new and difficult things. It is within you still. Surrender to it and there is no limit to your potential. There is only progress.


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